ARE 241

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To students who are considering ARE 241:

I invite you to take the following course, for credit or as an auditor. The course is titled “Agricultural Policy,” but in reality it is Economics and Policy of Production Technology and Risk in Agricultural and Natural Resources. The material in the course is useful for:

(1) ARE students in all fields.

(2) ESPM students who are interested in policy and economics.

(3) Economics students interested in natural resources and agriculture.

(4) School of Public Policy students interested in natural resources.

It covers material relevant to all fields in our department—resources & environment, development, and agriculture.

In particular, it covers:

  • Family production function
  • Alternative models of production
  • Resource and environmental risk management
  • Adoption and diffusion
  • Innovation and intellectual property rights
  • Production and demand, agricultural and environmental policies
  • Water, pest control, biotechnology
  • Optimal control over space and time

We have three homework assignments, a policy project, and a final.


EEP 101 / ECON 125

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