Season Ticket Holder of the Game

The $40,000 investment in the Warriors paid off!

After 7 years tonight I was SEASON TICKET HOLDER OF THE GAME. The Warriors lost (nothing new) so I was robbed from getting a signed ball. Yet there where significant material gains – a stringy but elegant exclusive back pack, a unique white t-shirt (they knew that I collect them), a foldable loud-speaker (With the appropriate CD you can bring the Arena’s sound to your bed room) and 4 volumes of the Warriors Year book – more elegant and with better pictures than most journals – and article that are easy to comprehend.

The highlight of the evening was the live appearance in front of 15000 excited fans (that is the official count – half the seats were empty but who counts). The award and the attempted dances that follow were invigorating- I had a mini Monta (the local Jordan) moment without flying. It was filmed and coming to my facebook page soon.

But the best part was the reviews. I got instant face recognition- 23% of the patrons of the bathroom acknowledged my celebrity. Comments ranged from “ I saw you on TV” to “Great Moves (I never thought I will hear this- but if you live enough everything is possible)

It was great – but I would rather meet Pele.

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